Heavy Duty Silver Tarps

heavy duty silver tarpProtect your outside animals and pets with our heavy duty silver tarps.

These 12 mil heavy duty tarps are our best selling tarps and are 14×14 weave which makes them
the best tarp for wear and weather protection. Our silver heavy duty poly tarps are Ultra Violet (UV) protected; mildew and rot resistant; water proof, and provides the ideal outdoor protection in colder climates from cold winds and snow.

The tarps have eyelets every 18 to 24 inches and have reinforced corners in the hem. Our popular size heavy duty silver
tarps include:

6×10 Silver Tarp

6×12 Silver Tarp

9×12 Silver Tarp

10×10 Silver Tarp

10×12 Silver Tarp

12×14 Silver Tarp

Our best selling silver tarps are ideal for outdoor use where the heavy duty tarp is exposed to severe weather conditions making them
ideal for construction; coverings for vehicles, wood or hay piles; landscaping; and of course to cover a dog kennel
or animal pen.

Tarp sizes indicated are cut sizes which are approximately six inches less in length and width than the stated size.
Visit silver heavy duty tarps to view other sizes.

Discount On 9×12 Silver Tarps – Heavy Duty

9x12 Silver Tarp Now is a great time to save on our popular 9×12 silver tarps!

These popular heavy duty silver tarps are our most efficient sun blocking tarps. They help help keep your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter by blocking the harsh winter winds and snow.

Polyethylene 4 layer tarps, 14X14 mesh, UV treated. Black mesh with silver coating Corners reinforced Ultraviolet 3% treated 100% sun blocker Grommets are approx. 18 in. on center Water proof, mildew and rot resistance.

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Winter Bundle Sides & Kennel Roof Covers Shelter Animals From Cold

Kennel Roof Cover and Winter Bundle Sides With winter coming up, NOW’s the time to start preparing to keep your outside pets/animals
warm, safe and dry during the frigid winter months.

Shadenthings.com winter bundle sides and roof covers for dog kennels and pens provide winter protection for any six feet high kennel or pen. Winter bundle side kits include a 6′ high kennel / pen tarp that fits nicely around your dog kennel or pen providing protection from the cold winter wind and blowing rain and snow.

Check out our winter bundle for sides today!

Save On A 10×15 Kennel Cover Kit

10x15 kennel cover Now through July 14th, get extra savings on a 10×15 medium pitch kennel cover kit!

This 10×15 kennel cover clamps onto your existing 10 x 15 dog kennel which makes it stronger and adds a layer of protection between your pets and the harsh elements.

The frames of this kennel roof cover is built to withstand the harshest of elements, and is constructed from commercial-grade galvanized steel which helps to make it more durable and resistant to corrosion.

The kennel cover kit also comes with a 4 layer UV-treated sunblock / waterproof tarp which is secured to the dog kennel with the included ball bungees. In just a few minutes, this dog kennel cover can be assembled and ready to help provide a comfortable, safe environment for your outside pets.

10 x 15 Kennel Cover Features:

  • 10 support tubes
  • Designed to keep outside pets warm, safe and dry
  • Waterproof – comes with a 12 x 15 heavy duty, polyethylene 4 layer, sunblocker / waterproof tarp
  • Durable, rust resistant commercial-grade galvanized steel frame
  • 35 ball bungees
  • Easy to assemble – installs in minutes
  • Dimensions: 10’L x 15’W

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