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P1 Kennel Cover 12 x 12 St/Hy Medium Pitch - 5 Truss
Found the product very good,but not quite as easy to install ..
5 of 5 Stars!
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P1 Kennel Cover 12 x 12 St/Hy Medium Pitch - 5 Truss
Date Added:
1) First let me rate the product... let's see how many stars. OK,out of 5
possible stars I'll give this product 10.....
I was raised on a farm, by a Dad and Mom that taught me to work with
my hands. My Dad was very
particular about how he did things. "If it's worth doing, it's
worth doing right" was his life motto. Well Mr.
Rangel this product was done right. The workmanship is
unbelievable. I'm not accustom to getting such
quality products these day. As for the tarp. I only have one word
"WOW". My husband (who works
in a foundry and machine shop) was astounded at the quality of the
welds and machining done on this
product. 5 stars is not enough. Words can't express my delight.
2) Next, Service... First of all let me say how much I enjoy our
conversation last Monday. I never expected the phone to be answered, on a
holiday of all days. I had planned to leave a message and ask that you call
and leave me a voice mail with the information I needed. But, you answered
and took all the time in the world to help me solve my problem. You are so
kind and considerate. It's a pleasure doing business with people like you.
Then, you shipped the product immediately. Due to the holiday it was picked
up on Tuesday, apparently very late in the day according to tracking. We
were hoping to have it by Friday so we could work on it Saturday morning.
The Kennel cover was in my garage by 2PM on Thursday. Topeka, KS to
Albertville, AL in basically 1 1/2 days. I know that was FedEx, but you got
it to them promptly and they took it from there. At this point I'm very
pleased, but I still have actually "seen" the product. Saturday when we
opened the boxes. I knew this email would be forthcoming.
3) Now, just a big THANK YOU. From all of us, including Rocky. We got out
on Saturday morning around 7AM (had to be finished before the kickoff of
Penn St and Alabama, LOL). As you know, I ordered a set of anchors for the
kennel as well. And as I told you on Monday, the panels had shifted with
the weigh of the water on his old tarp from the torrential rains last
weekend. Here is how our morning progressed;
First we loosened the panel clamps and squared the kennel. Then we
assembled the kennel cover frame and
placed it on top of the kennel. This was to make sure of the panel
placement before actually anchoring the
kennel panels. Next we anchored the kennel, then we finished attaching
the kennel cover to the panels and
attaching the tarp. Total time - about 3 1/2 hours and we had to stop
and take time out for a family crisis. (My
82 year old Mom got stranded at the store and I had to get someone from
the local car dealership to go out
and jump-off her car.) We probably spent about 3 hours total completely
reconfiguring Rocky's kennel,
building and attaching the cover and anchoring the kennel. No mess ups,
no restarts, no "scratching my head"
over the instructions. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.
4) Finally, pure overall delight. Both from us and Rocky. I've included a
couple of pictures of the kennel itself. They are not the best quality as
they were made by a cell phone. But the last is of Rocky under the cover,
in the middle of his pen, enjoying the fact that the old tarp is gone and he
can see out on all sides. HE LOVES IT!!!! As I'm sure you figured out
Monday, he's my baby (just a little psychotic at times. LOL). I'm so
pleased with this purchase. It's money well spent. Thank you again from
the bottom of my heart.

Rating: <span itemprop="bestRating">F</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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