Dog Crates And Dog Cages Choices

O.K., so you’re looking for a dog crate or dog cage and you want the maximum quality that you can get for the lowest cost. Exactly what choices are offered to you, and exactly what are the pros and cons of the numerous kinds of dog crates.

Epoxy Coated Dog Crates

Let’s first take a look at the epoxy coated dog crates. They look excellent when they are brand-new, however epoxy coated dog crates can chip very quickly and look tatty after a few uses. And to be honest, if you are investing hard earned money on a dog crate, then you’ll want real value for your money and not something that’s going to appear tatty within a short time frame.

Chrome Dog Cages

Let’s next consider chrome dog cages. They look terrific, at first and then you discover that they also chip and flake due to the fact that chrome is simply an additional finish. Take note that the molting chrome if consumed by a pet may cause them to become ill.

Galvanized Dog Crates

Lastly, let’s take a look at galvanized dog crates. These are without a doubt the very best choice for your money and the high quality galvanized dog crates may offer many of the following attributes:

  • Galvanized for corrosion resistance
  • Extremely heavy gauge mesh frame
  • Chew resistant slide out metal tray
  • Easy to assemble
  • Won’t easily nick or flake
  • Lasts for many years
  • Low cost

The significant distinction between the different kinds of galvanized pet dog crates is the gauge of the mesh utilized. Some businesses are now providing 9mm gauge wire mesh which has amazing strength and lasts a long, long period of time.

Canine Crates / Pet Cages provide an efficient method to housebreak new puppies or keep your animals safe either in the house or while away. Some dog crates now provide a cutting-edge craftsmanship that makes them easy to assemble or dis-assemble in seconds and are galvanized which protects against rust; wear and tear; and is safe for your pet dog. This means that your pet crate will look terrific for long times to come. When not in use, the dog cage/ dog crate lays flat for simple transportation and storage.

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