Adding Dog Kennel Cover To Tarter Farm Dog Kennel

There are many benefits to adding a dog kennel cover to your tarter dog kennel. The primary reason would be to provide protection
to your outside dog from the elements such as rain, hot summer sun, wind and of course, the cold winter weather.

Aside from protection from the elements, kennel covers also provide comfort, privacy and security for the dog. By covering the dog’s
kennel with a kennel roof, you create a den-like atmosphere around the kennel. Providing the dog with a comfortable and secure environment can
help curb chewing, barking and other anxious dog behaviors.

There are several options for adding a dog kennel cover to a Tarter Farm and Ranch kennel. Below, we will take a look at two available
options… building a kennel cover from scratch and buying a kennel cover kit.

Option 1: Building A Dog Kennel Cover For A Tarter Dog Kennel From Scratch

If you’ve got time on your hands; the tools and equipment needed; and aren’t concerned with spending; then building your own
kennel roof cover can be a rewarding experience.

This however, could prove to be a costly way to go about things particularly if you don’t already own the tools that you’ll need
to build the kennel cover. Some of the tools required for building a dog kennel cover are highlighted below:
• Power drill
• Pencil
• Level
• Yardstick or tape measure
• Screwdriver
• Jigsaw
• Circular saw or handsaw
• Working gloves
• Safety glasses

In addition to the cost of building a kennel roof cover yourself, you will also have to consider whether you want to invest the time in building
a Tarter Farm kennel cover from scratch. If you’re eager to get a kennel roof on your dog’s kennel; then you
might want to consider other options.

Option 2: Buy A Dog Kennel Cover

If you do not have the time nor desire to do it yourself, a better option for your Tarter dog kennel roof would be to invest in a quality
dog kennel cover from to simplify the kennel cover installation process.

These modular kennel covers a designed to fit just about any brand dog kennel including the Tarter Farm dog kennels. There are
many benefits to purchasing a kennel cover compared to building one yourself including:

• Most orders are shipped within two days of ordering
• Installation is easy and straight forward
• In most cases, they’re less expensive than building one yourself

Other benefits of modular kennel roof covers include:

• Heavy duty steel frame construction makes it built to last
• High quality 100% Sun Blocker / Rain Blocker tarp included helps keep interior of kennel cool in the hot summer
• Modular construction fits just about any dog kennel
• High quality easily replaceable tarp and ball bungees
• Standard to heavy duty kennel covers with various truss options

Installing a Tarter dog kennel cover can be a time consuming and expensive task should you decide to do it yourself. However,
it doesn’t have to be. manufacturers easy to install, low cost kennel covers for most brand of dog kennels
including Tarter’s.

Checkout our full line of dog kennel covers at

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