With the abundant amount of snow we have been getting this year, the winter bundle for sides of the kennel have been a godsend to a great many kennel owners.  Side tarps greatly reduce the amount of snow blowing into the kennel and help reduce that cutting frigid wind from making a Popsicle out of our pets.  For convenience, there are bundles for the most common 6’ high kennels, but you can buy individual tarps to best cover your kennel,
i.e., a 10’ x10’ kennel needs 40 feet minus 2 feet for the door opening (you should keep this open) or 38’ of the 6’ high tarps is needed for the 10’ x 10’ kennel covering.

Good quality tarps will save you money in the long-run as you can use them for several years; they don’t shred as easily as the blue inexpensive tarps.  Buying the right size tarps, actually 5’8” high makes for a great fit as well as making it a lot easier to hang tarps securely. Hanging tarps is a snap with 6-inch ball bungees, but they can be hung with wire, or plastic ties, string, or twine.

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