Helpful hints for puppy training

Reading some of these helpful hints for puppy training

I thought I let you know if they work with our new German Shepard puppy, Chula

  • Barking
    some dog’s bark more at night. Bringing your dog in at night should stop all barking!
    Seem to work for us

    Dogs who are exercised and happy are less likely to bark. Walk your dog and let him get to know the neighborhood so he won’t feel threatened by it. A tired, happy dog will sleep instead of bark
    Works very well.  I finally found a use for that treadmill machine that has been collecting dust in our spare room.

    Teach the word “Quiet.” After your dog starts barking, startle him with a noise (like calling his name) or by tapping a treat on his nose. When he is silent, say “Quiet” and reward him. Then you can use the command “Quiet” to stop barking.

  • This one is still up in the air

  • Begging
    Decide at the beginning that no one will feed the dog from the table. Don’t allow guests to break this rule. Feed the dog before your meal, and he won’t be hungry.
    This is not a problem
  • Biting
    Every time puppy bites on your finger say, “Ouch”. Not the way a person would say it, but the way a puppy would say it…high-pitched and loud! Puppy will think he’s hurting you. Then ignore the puppy for a few minutes. Don’t grab, squeeze or pop them on the nose.
  • Surprisingly worked very well
  • Tearing Stuff Up
    Never leave your new dog alone in the house. You are asking for trouble if you let an untrained dog have full run of the house! A crate is best. Privileges are earned and your new dog must be mature and trained before you give him total freedom.
    Give him chew toy and rawhides. Let him get used to being alone so he doesn’t chew out of nervousness. Gradually leave him alone for longer periods of time. Leaving and returning should always be low-key.

This one will take a LOT of patience

  • Digging
    Provide your dog with his own sandbox. Bury toys in it and teach him it’s okay to dig in there.
  • Jumping On People
    When your dog jumps on you, back away or turn away. Don’t say anything or look her in the eye. Do this every time she jumps. Your dog wants your attention. Only give your dog attention when all four feet are on the floor.
  • This will be a big problem for me, our Chula is so big now, I can’t back off far enough . A dog trainer friend suggested to grab her my the paws and hang on until she try’s to back away  , this seems to work most of the time , she getting better

There is tons of information online about dog training and behavior.  Let us know what is working for you




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