Modular Kennel Covers

modular-kennel-coverShade n’ Things provides you with the optimal cover for you dog kennels. Keeping your dogs cool while they are outside is crucial, it can be easy for dogs to become overheated and dehydrated while outside in the hot sun. Kennels should have the proper, effective shading over them to make you dogs more comfortable. Shade n’ Things Modular Kennel Covers are an ideal kennel cover for almost any type of dog kennel.

Benefits Of Shade n’ Things Dog Kennel Covers:

Shade n’ Things offers a durable and simple solution for better protection and shading for you dogs while they are outside. Some of the main benefits of choosing a Shade n’ Things Modular Kennel cover include:
•Shade n’ Things kennel covers are flexible. The are design to be able to fit most kennels to provide your dogs with adequate shade and protection.
•The covers are not fixed. This means they can be adjusted to fit over your dog kennel regardless of the brand, size or structure. The modular kennel covers allows for the roof systems to be lengthened and expanded.
•Dog kennel covers are easily adjustable even if you purchase the wrong size. If you have a large dog kennel but accidentally purchased the smaller roof kit you can easily buy a wider tarp and longer truss tubes. If you happened to do the opposite and have a smaller kennel but got a large roof; you can order different truss tubes or cut the existing truss tubes to the correct size.
•Shade n’ Things Modular Kennel covers can last up to three years. Most tarps easily survive a year of usage but depending on the amount of sunlight your area gets as well as weather conditions these tarps have been know to last for a year or two longer.
•All 4 ply kits are 100 percent waterproof including the sun blocker tarps.
•Shade n’ Things Kennel covers over a thicker, 4 ply tarp. Most other kennel kits only offer 3 ply tarps. The thicker design of these covers decrease the amount of heat that will penetrate through the tarp. This keeps the kennels cooler and more comfortable for your dogs.
•Most orders are shipped within two, three business days of placing your order. This means you get your order much sooner and you do not have to wait for weeks to have your order delivered.
•Installation is easy and quick. Most kennel covers can be installed in ten steps allowing you to have your kennel properly shaded for you dogs in very little time.

Shade n’ Things is an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau. This mean you can be assured that only the best quality of products is provided to all customers. Your dogs need to stay cool and protected when they are outside enjoying the day, a Shade n’ Things Modular Kennel Cover can help protect your dogs and keep them happy.

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