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Winter Protection For Chickens Using A 10×10 Dog Kennel

If you house your chickens in a modified dog kennel, you may be interested in knowing what’s the best way to protect your chickens during the long, cold winter.

Here’s what customers who raise chickens and house them in a 10×10 dog kennel have found to work for them for the winter protection of their chickens. They’ve ordered individual products as follows:

2 6×10 clear tarps

1 6×10 silver tarp

1 6×12 silver tarp

Pack of 100 ball bungees

5 each tarp grabbers, to custom shorten silver tarp to exactly fit your kennel

If you wish to cover the gable ends, we suggest our popular kennel custom ends.

We do offer a Winter Bundle For Kennel Sides for 10×10 kennel which provides winter protection for any six feet high kennel. You should note however, that the gate and some of the gate side is left uncovered.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.