Ticked Off

Spring-like rains are a blessing opposed to ice, sleet and snow of Old Man Winter.  I am thinking morel mushroom hunting is just around the corner. My faithful companion Isabelle, (Border collie) has gone with me in the past years and even when we don’t come home with mushrooms we seem to always come home with TICKS.  So, here is the old way to remove them and I’ve since learned a better new way for both me and Isabelle.

People who have been in tick-prone areas have taken steps to remove ticks by day’s end by placing their clothing straight into the washer to wash away any ticks that haven’t had time to become attached. If they find an attached tick, they also would: (Old Way)

* Use fine forceps or tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible and use steady pressure to pull the tick slowly and straight up, away from the skin.  Be patient and do not twist or jerk.

* Save the tick in a closed container with alcohol. Label the container with the date.

* For 10 to 13 days, watch for such symptoms as headache, skin rash and/or fever. If these conditions appear, see a doctor immediately and take the tick with you.

I found this on the web some time ago by someone named Lebowski and finely had an opportunity to try it myself.

(New Way)

Rub the tick in a circular motion and pretend you’re trying to make the tick dizzy. Stick with one direction, clockwise or counter clockwise. It usually takes less than a minute, so if it’s not working, make sure the body of the tick is moving around. Remember you can’t get dizzy unless you’re actually moving in a circle, quickly.  They sure don’t like something about the movement and they crawl out on their own. Tick Off and squished!

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