Dog Kennel Coop

Kennel Coop

Instant Chicken Coop

I get more and more customers, who are using a dog kennel to contain their pets; who ask if we have a cover for cats, chickens, ducks, or for their other pets.  Their main concern is keeping chickens in and dogs and hawks, which are the main daytime dangers, out.  Other predators such as raccoons, coyotes, opossums, weasels, owls, mink, and such are mainly out at night when the flocks are closed up safe and sound.
Any good quality dog pen chain-link or welded wire type is heavy enough to keep predators out.  The great thing about using a dog pen is: it is portable.  Unless you use netting on top you will still need to watch for hawks.  Use one our black mesh tarps straight across to keep climbing or flying critters out.  Then install an A-frame and put on a silver tarp to help keep it dry and shady.  A steel A- frame with a tarp is easy to set up and take down and keeps the pen from getting so muddy when it rains while protecting the chickens, etc. from the rain.

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