Bake Your Dog

Bake Your Dog

Yes, many folks want to replace their form-fitted dog kennel tarp that tore up this past winter but the dealer who sold them their root kit does not sell replacements, so the search begins.

This may seem to be a good idea for the wintertime, may help keep some cold air out, or help a little to keep the rain out, and a few fall leaves from coming into the kennel, but kennel covers with the ends enclosed are made for people, not for pets. Heat can sicken or even kill a dog, whereas a few leaves or a little rain that gets in from the end will not endanger your dog at all.

Think about it; if you block all ways the hot air can escape from your attic, the hot air will radiate downward, making it rather toasty for those below. That is why there are vents on the ends or on the ridge of the roof of your home.  Airflow is vital; a parachute-type kennel cover will not only tend to fly away but will hold heat and radiate down to your dog.  Your pet cannot escape because he is confined to the space in the kennel.   So, give your pet a brake this summer. Do not Bake Your Dog.  Open up the ends of your kennel cover for the summer and let the airflow through.

Some of our customers who have turned their kennels into storage space buy a larger tarp and make a custom fitted cover with either tarp grabbers or ball bungees to keep things dry.

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