Tarps for a Kennel Cover

Tarps for a Kennel Cover

There is a wide variety of polyethylene tarps that can be found in wide choices sizes, and colors.

Most reinforced polyethylene tarps are water repellant, mildew and rot resistant.   Most quality polyethylene tarps are treated to provide UV protection, even more so with silver poly tarps.  Unless you want just one season of protection, choose a tarp that has been treated to resist the destructive effect of the sun’s UV rays.

Standard design will include 2” sewn or heat-sealed seams; sometimes a rope sewn into the hem, brass or aluminum grommets every 1-1/2 foot  to 2 feet along the edge, and reinforced corners.  Ball bungees or rubber straps allow easy placement of your tarp.

Economical blue or silver 3-layer tarps are fine for protection from the rain and are great for protecting a stack of wood, grill or motorcycle, etc. from the rain.  They cast a shadow, but for the best sun and heat protection for your pet, you want a good quality 4-layer silver sun blocker tarp. Don’t be fooled – you don’t want a silver tarp that will protect from the rain and just cast a shadow. A rule of thumb – if you can see the shadow of your hand a few inches from the backside of your tarp on a sunny day, your pet is not getting the proper protection from the hot rays of the sun.

A 4-layer silver tarp offers the best protection from rain and especially from the sun.  Most colored tarps don’t block enough heat (you can see the shadow of our hand).  Some neighborhood restrictions might force you to use a white, red, etc. tarp, but do your pet a favor and put it over the top of a good quality 4- layer silver tarp.

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