Which Outdoor Dog Kennel Should I Get For My Dog?

Which Outdoor Dog Kennel Should I Get For My Dog?

I get this question quite frequently.  We manufacture, sell and install only Dog Kennel Covers.  We see many different brands and sizes of outdoor Dog Kennels (mostly when they are fairly new) and there is quite a variation in quality and of course, price.  Generally, the higher the price the quality also increases.  In addition, the bigger the dog the more surface area you want for your dog so he has ample living space.

Next, should I purchase a chain link or welded wire dog kennel?   Store bought chain link panels or a do-it-yourself wrap around chain link dog kennels are the least expensive and will do a great job for a smaller or less energetic dog.  It has been our experience these type of chain link dog kennels don’t stand up to for a larger active dog jumping up on the kennel.  If you want a heavier chain link kennel for these type of dogs, it is better to ask your local fence company to build you a heavier chain link dog kennel  or purchase one from any one of several companies on line; just be sure to get a  heavier gage pipe and chain link fabric.

Weld wire dog kennels are available and mostly are heavier dog kennels, but again you get what you pay for.  Some lighter weight Imitations are out there now.  Sometimes it’s better to spend a little more up front than to need to replace the kennel in a year or two.

Plan your space out before buying a dog kennel.  Where is the dog kennel going to go?  Do I want to be able to move the dog kennel easily?  Is my dog going to spend short periods of time in the kennel or is it his permanent home?  What am I willing to spend?  Once you have answered these questions, you will have a clearer idea of the size, length and width of the kennel.

The most common dog kennel size, 10’x10’, is large enough to include a dog house with watering and feeding stations.  Smaller kennels are mostly for kenneling your dog for short periods of time.

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