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4x10  Kennel Cover Kit- 4 truss for 1-3/8  chainlink
I purchased a truss kit with cover. It would definitely be e ..
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Kennel Cover Installation

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Sure Fit Base with special panel clamps to fit your kennel
Choice of: 1" round tube or square tubing; 1-3/8" round tubing; 1-5/8" or 1-3/4" round tubing
Connector to join tubing together aiding in keeping bugs and water out

Full-length Sure Fit Base attached to kennel

End Rail Clamp attaches to truss arm with furnished sheet metal screw

End Rail Clamp attached to truss tube inserted into Peak End fitting to form an End Truss

End Rail Clamp attached to truss tube inserted into Peak Center fitting to form a Center Truss

Ridge tube ready to insert into Peak End truss and Peak Center truss

Joined Peak End and Peak Center trusses ready to lift onto Sure Fit Base

Adjust trusses to rest snuggly on the base. Loosely install other half of End Rail clamps with nut and bolt provided. Tighten End Rail clamps on Peak End truss ONLY.

If you have a 3 truss kit add the other ridge tube, the other Peak End truss; adjust trusses for best fit and tighten all nuts and bolts including eye bolts on fittings

If you have a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or more truss kit, keep adding truss tubes and center trusses until you’re ready for end truss

Adjust spacing of trusses to best fit your kennel and tighten all nuts and bolts

5 truss frame completed on the ground ready to lift onto kennel and attach with the appropriate clamps (due to the weight of the frame this is not advisable unless you have 4 or 5 friends to assist)

Completed 4 truss kit with Sun-blocker Water Proof tarp installed and secured with ball bungees