b2 Side Tarp Winter Bundle Special W/100 Bungees For 6 x 12 KENN


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b2 Side Tarp Winter Bundle Special W/100 Bungees For 6 x 12 KENN
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Tarps Winter Bundle
Special – silver and 1 clear tarp
Helps block the cold wind, rain and snow from blowing into your kennel
BEST FIT for 6′ Wide x 12′ Long 6’High Kennel
Tarp for top
not included
tarps only
kennel = 36′ around kennel ,minus 2′ for door ( door not covered)

2 each 6×12 silver
Tarp       6
Tarp  finished size 5’8 x 11’8″ (after they fold for
6×10 clear
6 x10  Tarp  finished size 5’8 x 9’8″ (after they
fold for hem)
100 – 6″ ball Bungees     

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A clear tarp was suggested by a K-9 officer who liked to
wrap his kennel in the winter to block the cold wind and help keep
the blowing snow and rain out of the kennel but didn’t want to keep his
partner completely in the dark.

Specifications: Silver

Ultraviolet 3% treated                       
Black mesh with silver coating

100% sun blocker                              

mil thickness                                 
Corners reinforced
Polyethylene ( Poly Tarp                    
Water proof, mildew and                    

 rot resistance

canopy shelters should be considered temporary structures and are not
to withstand acts of nature,
 such as heavy wind and snow. Anchoring of canopies is
recommended. Failure to anchor is unsafe and 
can lead to property damage


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Weight 18.00 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 8 in