How To Add A Dog Kennel Cover To A Behlen Dog Kennel

Adding a Kennel cover to your Behlen dog kennel serves to provide comfort and protection from rain, snow, and sunlight to your dog and help the dog feel secure in its environment. So, housing a dog in an outdoor kennel isn’t enough. Ensuring your dog’s comfort and security by adding a dog kennel cover is just as important as the kennel itself.

One of the most renowned makers of dog kennels is Behlen Country, and like most other producers, Behlen Country Club’s kennels come without kennel covers and so requiring the buyer to purchase them separately. Some considerations should be given when adding a kennel cover your Behlen Country Club dog kennel:

First, as a dog owner, you should evaluate the different options at your disposal before purchasing a kennel cover. You will have to ask yourself if you are going to build one yourself or purchase an already made roof cover. There are some advantages to building the kennel cover yourself. You’ll be able to construct a kennel cover exactly how you want it and by sourcing materials locally, you should be able to save a few bucks on materials and shipping costs.

However, building a dog kennel cover yourself is not without its downsides. You would be expected to have some basic knowledge of what’s required to properly construct a dog kennel roof cover such as the measurement and the number of trusses, required to build a long lasting kennel cover. Time is another factor to consider. If you’re looking to have your kennel roof cover installed in a few days, you might want to consider other options.

Additionally building your own kennel cover may require the purchase of tools that you don’t already have such as:

• Power drill
• Pencil
• Level
• Yardstick or tape measure
• Screwdriver
• Jigsaw
• Circular saw or handsaw
• Working gloves
• Safety glasses

Another option for doing it yourself is to purchase a Do-It-Yourself kennel cover kit such as the’s DIY 10 x 10 Kennel Cover for chain link Kennel, which comes with instructions for pipe cutting, connectors, ball bungees, clamps and a 10 x 12 sun blocker/waterproof tarp.

If you decide to purchase an already made kennel cover for your Behlen dog kennel, you’ll be saving yourself the time needed to buy all the materials required, which may even be difficult sourcing in your local area, save cost resulting from wrong measurements, and also have the advantage of having multiple options to choose from, so as to have a good kennel cover over your Behlen Country Club. You are also saved the stress of looking for tools if you are buying an already made kennel cover.

In shopping for a new kennel cover, there are some important factors that need to be given consideration before one makes a purchasing decision. These include:
• Affordability. Does the price of the kennel you intend on purchasing fall within your budget?
• The type and the number of trusses required. It is widely agreed that the more trusses, the stronger the kennel cover frame will be. Trusses are categorized into peak end (required for each end) and peak center.
• Pitch. Consideration should also be given to the pitch of the kennel cover among pitches that range from low to medium.

When it comes to already made kennel covers, modular kennel covers are the best in the market. They are durable, and unlike others that may last only a year or so, modular kennel cover tarps have a three year life span. The kennel roof covers sold by are flexible, can fit most kennels and are easily adjustable. The waterproof tarps that come with the kennel cover are Polyethylene, UV treated and easy to install with the ball bungees that come with the kennel cover kits. Get a dog kennel cover and make your Behlen Country Club Kennel a more accommodating home for your dog.

Adding Dog Kennel Cover To Tarter Farm Dog Kennel

There are many benefits to adding a dog kennel cover to your tarter dog kennel. The primary reason would be to provide protection
to your outside dog from the elements such as rain, hot summer sun, wind and of course, the cold winter weather.

Aside from protection from the elements, kennel covers also provide comfort, privacy and security for the dog. By covering the dog’s
kennel with a kennel roof, you create a den-like atmosphere around the kennel. Providing the dog with a comfortable and secure environment can
help curb chewing, barking and other anxious dog behaviors.

There are several options for adding a dog kennel cover to a Tarter Farm and Ranch kennel. Below, we will take a look at two available
options… building a kennel cover from scratch and buying a kennel cover kit.

Option 1: Building A Dog Kennel Cover For A Tarter Dog Kennel From Scratch

If you’ve got time on your hands; the tools and equipment needed; and aren’t concerned with spending; then building your own
kennel roof cover can be a rewarding experience.

This however, could prove to be a costly way to go about things particularly if you don’t already own the tools that you’ll need
to build the kennel cover. Some of the tools required for building a dog kennel cover are highlighted below:
• Power drill
• Pencil
• Level
• Yardstick or tape measure
• Screwdriver
• Jigsaw
• Circular saw or handsaw
• Working gloves
• Safety glasses

In addition to the cost of building a kennel roof cover yourself, you will also have to consider whether you want to invest the time in building
a Tarter Farm kennel cover from scratch. If you’re eager to get a kennel roof on your dog’s kennel; then you
might want to consider other options.

Option 2: Buy A Dog Kennel Cover

If you do not have the time nor desire to do it yourself, a better option for your Tarter dog kennel roof would be to invest in a quality
dog kennel cover from to simplify the kennel cover installation process.

These modular kennel covers a designed to fit just about any brand dog kennel including the Tarter Farm dog kennels. There are
many benefits to purchasing a kennel cover compared to building one yourself including:

• Most orders are shipped within two days of ordering
• Installation is easy and straight forward
• In most cases, they’re less expensive than building one yourself

Other benefits of modular kennel roof covers include:

• Heavy duty steel frame construction makes it built to last
• High quality 100% Sun Blocker / Rain Blocker tarp included helps keep interior of kennel cool in the hot summer
• Modular construction fits just about any dog kennel
• High quality easily replaceable tarp and ball bungees
• Standard to heavy duty kennel covers with various truss options

Installing a Tarter dog kennel cover can be a time consuming and expensive task should you decide to do it yourself. However,
it doesn’t have to be. manufacturers easy to install, low cost kennel covers for most brand of dog kennels
including Tarter’s.

Checkout our full line of dog kennel covers at

Modular Kennel Covers

modular-kennel-coverShade n’ Things provides you with the optimal cover for you dog kennels. Keeping your dogs cool while they are outside is crucial, it can be easy for dogs to become overheated and dehydrated while outside in the hot sun. Kennels should have the proper, effective shading over them to make you dogs more comfortable. Shade n’ Things Modular Kennel Covers are an ideal kennel cover for almost any type of dog kennel.

Benefits Of Shade n’ Things Dog Kennel Covers:

Shade n’ Things offers a durable and simple solution for better protection and shading for you dogs while they are outside. Some of the main benefits of choosing a Shade n’ Things Modular Kennel cover include:
•Shade n’ Things kennel covers are flexible. The are design to be able to fit most kennels to provide your dogs with adequate shade and protection.
•The covers are not fixed. This means they can be adjusted to fit over your dog kennel regardless of the brand, size or structure. The modular kennel covers allows for the roof systems to be lengthened and expanded.
•Dog kennel covers are easily adjustable even if you purchase the wrong size. If you have a large dog kennel but accidentally purchased the smaller roof kit you can easily buy a wider tarp and longer truss tubes. If you happened to do the opposite and have a smaller kennel but got a large roof; you can order different truss tubes or cut the existing truss tubes to the correct size.
•Shade n’ Things Modular Kennel covers can last up to three years. Most tarps easily survive a year of usage but depending on the amount of sunlight your area gets as well as weather conditions these tarps have been know to last for a year or two longer.
•All 4 ply kits are 100 percent waterproof including the sun blocker tarps.
•Shade n’ Things Kennel covers over a thicker, 4 ply tarp. Most other kennel kits only offer 3 ply tarps. The thicker design of these covers decrease the amount of heat that will penetrate through the tarp. This keeps the kennels cooler and more comfortable for your dogs.
•Most orders are shipped within two, three business days of placing your order. This means you get your order much sooner and you do not have to wait for weeks to have your order delivered.
•Installation is easy and quick. Most kennel covers can be installed in ten steps allowing you to have your kennel properly shaded for you dogs in very little time.

Shade n’ Things is an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau. This mean you can be assured that only the best quality of products is provided to all customers. Your dogs need to stay cool and protected when they are outside enjoying the day, a Shade n’ Things Modular Kennel Cover can help protect your dogs and keep them happy.

Heavy Duty Silver Tarps

heavy duty silver tarpProtect your outside animals and pets with our heavy duty silver tarps.

These 12 mil heavy duty tarps are our best selling tarps and are 14×14 weave which makes them
the best tarp for wear and weather protection. Our silver heavy duty poly tarps are Ultra Violet (UV) protected; mildew and rot resistant; water proof, and provides the ideal outdoor protection in colder climates from cold winds and snow.

The tarps have eyelets every 18 to 24 inches and have reinforced corners in the hem. Our popular size heavy duty silver
tarps include:

6×10 Silver Tarp

6×12 Silver Tarp

9×12 Silver Tarp

10×10 Silver Tarp

10×12 Silver Tarp

12×14 Silver Tarp

Our best selling silver tarps are ideal for outdoor use where the heavy duty tarp is exposed to severe weather conditions making them
ideal for construction; coverings for vehicles, wood or hay piles; landscaping; and of course to cover a dog kennel
or animal pen.

Tarp sizes indicated are cut sizes which are approximately six inches less in length and width than the stated size.
Visit silver heavy duty tarps to view other sizes.

Discount On 9×12 Silver Tarps – Heavy Duty

9x12 Silver Tarp Now is a great time to save on our popular 9×12 silver tarps!

These popular heavy duty silver tarps are our most efficient sun blocking tarps. They help help keep your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter by blocking the harsh winter winds and snow.

Polyethylene 4 layer tarps, 14X14 mesh, UV treated. Black mesh with silver coating Corners reinforced Ultraviolet 3% treated 100% sun blocker Grommets are approx. 18 in. on center Water proof, mildew and rot resistance.

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