Dog Kennel Sun Covers

Shaden’ Things dog kennel sun covers cool your pets by blocking the strong sun during hotter months. In winter, this kennel sun cover will be the best protection against wind, cold rain and snow. Also, Shaden’ Things has a snow kit for special protection in snow areas. This special kit has a high pitched roof to allow snow to slide off without damaging the equipment.

The professionals agree that a good dog kennel cover is a good inversion to have your pets with the necessary confort during the hot days and the rainy and windy days. With our kennel sun covers your best friend will stay cool without feeling rough winds, wet rain or hot sun.

Our its provide you with the best solution for giving comfort and security to your dog. You must follow an easy process to set up steel roof that is attached to your dog’s existing kennel. In less than one hour your dog will be protected from direct sunlight, wind, rain or snow. All you have to do is to adjust a heavy duty silver 100% sun blocker tarp, which is included with the kit, on the roof structure. The aim of this tarp is to give shade to your dog.

You know how important it is to look after a dog, even more if it is a pedigree one. The care that rotweillers, golden retrievers, boxers, chihuahuas, american bull dogs or any other of known pedigree need in their kennel building is as important as feeding them properly. Protecting your dogs from the hot sunbeams or the rain will keep them cleaner and healthier. Your dog will be absolutely comfortable and you will have peace of mind.

Remember that most steel kennel designs do not include any kind of protection whatsoever.

The solution is to attach a kennel sun cover to give your dog a nice shade. The Shaden’ Things kits are especially designed for that. You can choose among different models and sizes, depending on your existing kennel building and possibilities.

Please, take a look at our website or contact us to discover the advantages of buying our kennel covers.

Your dog will be very appreciative (as always!) if you buy a really good dog kennel sun cover from Shadenthings.