Pet Shade Protection

Use Shaden’ Things kennel cover kit to shade your dear pets from the sun, rain and wind.

Our kits contain a steel roof structure, which firmly adjusts to your existing kennel. The main difference between them and other kits is the quantity of support arm tubes they include. The support arm tube, which is 100 % steel made, gives the roof more firmness and allows the tarp to be better adjusted to the steel pet shade structure.

Another difference to mention between Shaden’ Things kennel shade kits and other kennel covers is the heavy-duty steel frame. Ours is more secure for you and your pet. Despite of the fact that you may live in wild areas with no protection from strong wind or rain, our steel kits will not be removed or disassembled if you have just followed the easy instructions for setting them up. We have driven at highway speed with our demo kennel shade kit and it proved to withstand the wind extremely well.

Along with the steel pet shade frame, a heavy-duty silver 100 % sun blocker tarp is included to better protect your dog, cat or any other pet you have. It blocks the sunbeams and helps to reduce the heat, still providing good ventilation. It is also good for protecting your dog in winter. Your pet will not feel the rough winds or get wet because of the rain.

If you live in an area where the weather experiences heavy snow falls, you can ask us for the special Shaden’ Things snow kit, which has a high pitched roof to allow snow to slide off without damaging the equipment. However, the Snow Model does not stand up strong winds as good as the Standard Model, and also does not offer as much sun protection.

Please call or e-mail us for pricing ranges on different sizes. Please visit our website and see the different models available for sale and their prices.

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