Ideas For Dog Kennel Covers We can help you implement your dog kennel cover ideas with a DIY dog kennel cover kit or with a complete kennel cover kit. Ideas to build a dog kennel roof are relatively easy with a dog kennel cover kit from We sell dog kennel covers in a variety of sizes from 4′ to 12′ in width and 4′ to 30′ in length. Our covers for dog kennels are made to last! The frames of the dog kennel cover are built with a heavy duty galvanized steel frame that attaches to your existing dog kennel. To protect your pet from the elements, a heavy duty silver; UV treated; sun blocker tarp that attaches to the dog kennel cover frame is included. The heavy duty silver tarp is our best tarp for protecting your pet from the hot summer sun and rain. We offer complete kennel cover kits or DIY dog kennel cover kits. We also sell a selection of multi-purpose tarps that are ideal for kennel roof covers; sun screens, tarp covers and more! We’re confident in the workmanship of our dog kennel covers and offer a 15 day guarantee. And if you ever need help, we’re just a phone call or email away! Get started now by taking a look at some of the dog kennel roof ideas below or feel free to browse our complete selection of kennel covers.

Dog Kennel Cover Ideas