Dog Kennel Shade Covers – Kennel Shade Kits

We know that you want your pet to have the best place to live, even tough it has to stay outside.

That is what we try to do at Shaden’ Things: to keep your pet safe from the rain, wind, snow or sunbeams with the help of our kennel shade covers. Dog kennel shade covers offer shade to your dog’s kennel. Our kennel shade kits includes a heavy-duty steel roof structure and a clamp to protect the area from the sun, rain and wind. If you live in a cold snowing place, you can even choose a snow kennel cover.Your dog, cat or any other pet will feel very comfortable, even more in summer than in winter.

A Shaden’ Things kennel shade cover cools your pet by blocking strong sunbeams during hotter months. In winter, this same shade cover will be the best protection against wind, cold rain and snow. As mentioned before, Shaden’ Things has a snow kit for special protection in snow areas. This special kit has a high pitched roof to allow snow to slide off without causing damge to your dog kennel or the kennel roof.

If you are looking for a kennel building for your puppy or kitty, don’t forget that most of them do not include kennel roofs, and all of us know that it is very important for our pet to be safe from climate elements while being inside its kennel. Shaden’ Things kits are adjustable to any kennel size and the kennel roofs can be assembled in less than one hour. All you have to do is join the tubes together, put the structure on the desired place and then adjust the sun blocker/rain tarp to the roof. Our kennel shade cover kits include all the elements needed for relevant assembly, such as screws, bolts and ball bungees.

Visit kennel cover kits to view our selection of kennel shade covers. We have different models that suits any preference and can be adjusted to your pet’s kennel.