c2- 8 x 12 Silver Tarp


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Heavy duty silver tarps are our most efficient sun blocking tarp.

4 LAYER TARP FOR PETS- 4th layer (black
thread) helps reduce
the heat rays from coming through , making it cooler

Polyethylene 4 layer tarps, 14X14 mesh, UV treated. Black mesh with silver coating Corners reinforced Ultraviolet 3% treated 100% sun blocker Grommets are approx. 18 in. on center Water proof, mildew and rot resistance.

Replacement Tarps – approx 30 grommets


Heavy Duty

Sun Blocker Tarp


Grommets 30

Additional information

Weight 4.00 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 8 in

3 reviews for c2- 8 x 12 Silver Tarp

  1. Mike Locatelli (verified owner)

    These tarps are great quality, hold up very well with our valley heat and winds. Kennel always looks neat.
    Besides the product quality, the customer service is the best, fast and helpful. Thanks for providing both !!

  2. Steven Chissus (verified owner)

    I’m a repeat customer of Shade n Things. I purchased this tarp to replace the original one I bought for my dog kennel, 5 years ago. Very happy with it’s performance, it’s strong! I live in an area with a good amount of snowfall and almost constant wind. This tarp has held up to the elements and then some. Along with a package or two of ball bungees, I expect to see another 5 years of service out of this tarp. Shade n Things shipped my items super fast and well packaged.

  3. Sandra Newcomb (verified owner)

    I’m a returning customer and very happy with this tarp. I’m replacing a tarp that’s over 6 years old and has some wear to it, but it is still in good shape has no large tears to it and all the grommets are in great shape to use in another area. The only reason I’m replacing it is because I used it on a dog kennel and it’s rubbed again the frame and on a raining day it will leak a little bit.The new tarp will be to protect my dog from heavy rain. The old tarp has full sun no shade so it’s held up well also on windy days it stays on with the ball bungee that I’ve purchased from shadenthings as well. I will buy again as this is one of the best tarps I’ve ever bought. Also great service and delivered on time.

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