Pk of 50 Ball Bungee 9″ black

Pk of 50 Ball Bungee 9″ black


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Replacement Ball Bungee for Kennel Shade Kits. – Black

Ball Bungees 9″ are made of high grade rubber bungee material connected to a plastic ball.
They are Ideal for Stretching tarps tight on canopie frames.

We only use HIGH GRADE RUBBER BUNGEES not discount store or most found on on bidding web sites

Useful to have in the gadget bag or around the home.
Ball bungees can secure your umbrella to your light stand,
 act as an improvised light stand, attach shopping items to your bike.
 Great for securing hoses ,cables , pipes, lumber to your vechicle 
or around your home 
like a very strong band

A 1001 uses!

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Weight 2.00 lbs