12 x 20 Silver Tarp


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12 x 20 Silver Tarp
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Heavy duty silver tarps are our most efficient sun blocking tarp.

Polyethylene 4 layer tarps, 14X14 mesh, UV treated. Black mesh with silver coating Corners reinforced Ultraviolet 3% treated 100% sun blocker Grommets are approx. 18 in. on center Water proof, mildew and rot resistance.

Replacement Tarps


Heavy Duty

Sun Blocker Tarp

After fold for hem and install grommets FINISHED SIZES ARE SHORT BY 4″ TO 6″ THAN ORDER SIZE

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Weight 10.00 lbs

3 reviews for 12 x 20 Silver Tarp

  1. Susan Edwards (verified owner)

    Well, it’s live and learn! I’m down in Southern Missouri and forgot about snow load on top of the kennel cover! My fault. I should have rolled up the cover, taken it off, or installed more supports closer together. So all these additional purchases are replacements for the damaged cover. The snow and ice were so heavy they collapsed the frame and bent the strong metal bar supports. But the attachment connectors were unscathed!
    The tarp cover must have been really strong as well, for only a few grommets were pulled out, and it did not rip at all. That’s pretty amazing, considering the load of over a foot of snow and ice on the system! So I ordered another tarp, some more bungie balls, an end tarp, and a nice clear wrap-around for part of the sides.
    Great products and superior customer service!! That’s why I keep coming back.
    I sure would like to have better prices on shipping, tho. 🙁

  2. edward lawrence (verified owner)

    just replaced a 12×20 silver tarp i use to cover my boat, its been over it for 8 seasons

  3. Barbara Kennedy (verified owner)

    My second tarp purchased to cover dog runs. Well made and easy to install with the ball bungees

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